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Many companies do not know the importance of requiring a Website Design service. In fact, only 46.9% of companies have a website out there. Many SMEs miss the opportunity to do business with customers looking for their services online through search engines. In fact, 77% of people have used the Internet to find a service or product online to buy.

So, more than half of the population relies on the Internet to find the service you offer. By not having a website, you lose the chance to do business with a lot of people.

  • With the Website Design service, be ahead of your competition
  • For an SME, there are several essential reasons for having a website!
  • Advance your competitors by having a Website Design that will allow you to be found more easily by your customers.

Website Design offers you a complete website design service to attract a clientele that will pay you big! Website Design goal would be to ensure the best online visibility and win you customers with their expertise in website design and SEO.

No matter what website you need, the Website Design agency can set it up for you. Basically, they want your satisfaction!

The Benefits Of Website Design Service

Affordable Website Design

Website Design services are aware of the small business budget and their website design service is consistent with this reality. You will be able to obtain a website that reflects the personality of your company, which puts its values in the best standards of the web, and at an affordable price!

Responsive Website Design

Whether on a cell phone, tablet or computer, Website Design service is compatible with all types of screens. It is very important that your website is adapted to different types of media since a large part of the people in Singapore use a smartphone to browse the internet.

A Complete Website Design

Don't know how to make a website or how to maintain it? No problem! Website Design offers you a complete website design service so that you have absolutely nothing to do yourself! These experts will take care of the creation, the graphic design, the creation of the texts, the arrangement of the photos, the putting online and the follow-ups.

Website Design Keeps Your Website Up-To-Date

Even after the launch of your website, Website Design remains at your disposal and entitles you to several changes per month. You will be able to keep the information on your website up-to-date and be assured of the security of your website.

SEO Included In Website Design

With many years of experience in SEO, they have developed various knowledge about the operation of Google, so that your website is among the first results of the search engine. The application of these concepts is included in the Website Design service.

Website Design For SMEs

Their dynamic website design service is fully designed for small and medium businesses and has been developed to meet their needs. Website Design offers a tailor-made website, the possibility of having an online store (e-commerce), a significant presence on Google and a graphic design adapted to your company.

Tips To Know Before You Start Creating A New Website

Your Website Must Be Responsive!

An adaptive (or responsive) website adapts dynamically to all types of platforms and screens of all dimensions (personal computers, smart phones, digital tablets, etc.). In April 2015, Google changed its search algorithm to penalize websites that did not provide an optimal browsing experience for smart phone users. Nearly 40% of visits recorded by websites worldwide are made from a mobile phone or digital tablet.

Soon, new platforms like the wristwatch or the connected telescope will allow people to browse the web from screens with unknown dimensions. A responsive website will better adapt to these new platforms and save you the design of a new website in a few years.

Beware Of Website Design Promises That Seem Too Good To Be True

A company announces on the radio that it can put you in first place on Google? The algorithm used to determine the order of search results is extremely complex, changing and most importantly secretive. Be wary of anyone who makes this kind of promise.

A simple trick: check if this Website Design agency does for itself what it claims to be able to do for you? Does agency appear in first place in Google search results?

Most of the time, these companies advertise on the radio or on television because they fail to get the desired SEO on Google. Beware of large media companies that offer cross-platform packages with a host of marketing products included. These Website Design companies are not specialized in website design or marketing. Their goal is to sell advertising space and accumulate monthly subscriptions. Use the website evaluation tool to quickly compare websites made by different agencies and evaluate the quality of their design

Entrust The Hosting Of Your Website To A Local Company

Do you know that Google takes into account the time it takes to download the pages of your website when it comes time to decide who will come out first in the search results? Download time is, therefore, a factor influencing the SEO of your Website Design.

Local hosting, ideally in the province, provides faster server response time and allows your pages to be downloaded faster by visitors to your website.

The response time is longer if the website of your SME has to make a detour to the West Coast of the United States to be downloaded on the browser of a customer who is two blocks from your business.

Lastly, although it is usually only a few milliseconds of difference, it is better to put all the odds on the side with Google. In addition, doing business with a local company such as, the Website Design that is well established will avoid the inconvenience of poor customer service or poor technical support.

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