Website Builder

The best Website Builder will make the new search engine friendly site; provide statistics regarding traffic and site page access. In short, a good website builder has multiple facets and allows success with a small learning curve. When it comes to building a sales website for your online store, this phrase is important to keep in mind. There are countless ways to make your website fast, simple, and affordable.

What Do You Expect From Your Website?

It's about setting goals and establishing an Internet strategy. Decisions made during the design phase condition all stages of site creation.

Website Builder Makes Your Site Visible

In communication, it is essential to occupy space. If a potential customer is searching the web, they should be able to find you or they will find one of your competitors. It is thus accessible to the world 24 hours a day, especially with a relevant referencing. The showcase site presents the activities of the company and its products. This kind of site is quite easy and quick to perform. Think now to create a website optimized for smart phones

Take Contacts, Build A Database

Complementary to the showcase and essential for sale, contact via the Internet is often quite effective and valuable. Visitors to your site are most likely interested in your business. It is therefore interesting to take their contact details via a contact form. This can be done through a request to send a brochure, a quote or simply to subscribe to the newsletter. The data collected can help to better target its direct marketing actions.

One can also consider selling online. This requires a more elaborate site with a command and payment module. It is also necessary to adapt the logistics of the company to ensure deliveries. Inventory management is also impacted if we do not want to suffer breaks or impose too long delays on our customers. It is a more complex work and especially longer than for a simple showcase.

Which Website Builder To Choose?

A Turnkey Offer

Specialized offers for certain professions make it easy to create a website with the colors of society but also to make it alive. For example, some Website Builder offers content that automatically updates a site. The offer includes a BackOffice for the management of the site and a support by phone:

  • Build a website for a lawyer
  • Build a website for CGP or general agent
  • Build a website for accountants

A Web Agency

A web agency is a company specializing in the design and production of websites. Website Builder usually takes care of the whole project starting from a specification provided by the client. It is the safest solution, but it can also be the most expensive depending on demand. Some agencies sell packages that include website design/development, domain name purchase and hosting. This solution allows you to fully delegate the creation of your site.

Independent Website Builder

Rather than outsource your website to a web agency, you can hire an independent Website Builder to create your website. This solution offers the advantage of being more flexible. It is sometimes easier to talk to one person. As part of a professional website, we will make sure to choose this essential provider. He can be asked for a list of the sites he has made and thus check his skills.

Choosing The Right Host Is Essential

The host is a provider who ensures that the pages of your site are accessible online. A bad host is a synonymous with untimely breakdowns and frequently inaccessible site, which could be rather damaging to your business. Your independent Website Builder provider will be able to advise you. It will also be able to obtain more interesting conditions because of the volumes it processes.

How Much Does It Cost?

The costs of implementation vary greatly depending on the nature of your project first, but also the Website Builder you have chosen. In any case, it is good to make several service requests and compare prices.

A good graphic designer pays and the more complex and visually elaborated your project is, the more it will cost you. The cost analysis should also consider what your site will bring you in leads, customers or direct sales. It is an investment in its own right.

We can find complete sites for around $3000. But beware, at this price, it is rather a graphics kit. That is to say, as for a blog done, we have the choice between several designs; several architectures already established that we fill with its information. This solution may be interesting for a showcase site, but should be avoided if you want a complete and original site.

Do not forget to take into account the costs of site management, updating, animation and referencing, if they are not included in the Website Builder offer. Often, it will be tempting to want to call on Website Builder providers whose prices are very attractive but do not be fooled: an efficient and well-designed site is more than just a design.

There are many factors to consider and a true Website Builder will spend time thinking about your site and the right strategy to implement to maximize your return on investment, and this kind of high value-added service is a bill. 

Amateur Website Builder Won't Work

Those Website Builder who offer you the most attractive prices will generally be amateurs or inexperienced developers looking to get started and who may provide you with an incomplete site, poorly designed or unsuitable for your needs and difficult to evolve.


In short, building a good website that is able to ensure your presence on the internet effectively is a real job, both intellectual and technical: do not try to save on the creation of it, see this as a significant investment that, anyway, can only have positive feedback, if it is well done.

Lastly, the creation and the putting on a website online must also include a part updates and evolutions; first of all, it makes it easier to take into account certain requests. To change the content on certain pages of the site, for example, or to post new features! The solutions chosen for the update of a website may vary depending on the Website Builder you choose.

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