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Getting a Web Developer to develop mobile apps, re-designing the essential features of a site is needful. Companies today compete more than ever to attract the best candidates to their websites. Collaborating with Web Developer to create inspiring user products and experiences requires some know-how.

Developers are so in demand that companies are ready to offer them a very generous salary and many benefits. But before you give any Web Developer the keys and get them to sign a stupendous contract, here are some tips that can help you find the perfect candidate for your business.

Know The Basics

It's impossible to know in detail everything a Web Developer does, but you must know the basics of the job before hiring your expert. If we're talking about JavaScript or back-end, do you know what we're talking about? You must understand his job perfectly in order to hire him, even if you do not know how to code!

If the language mastered by the developer is too mysterious for you (as many), you can use a recruitment agency specializing in these trades that will help you select the candidate respondent best to your needs.

Another tip: Google is also an excellent source of learning. You can do a search development explained to non-developers or explained front-end development. If you feel comfortable, you can try "Git for non-developers. Take enough time to familiarize yourself with the topic, ask relevant questions, and know the answers to make sure you are hiring the right Web Developer.

Avoid Recruiting A Rock Star

One of the recruitment trends right now is to favor the collective before the individual. For companies with large creative teams, the importance of teamwork and collaboration is not going away.

A talented Web Developer can be a real asset to your business. However, it is unlikely that a disproportionate ego within a team will benefit the company's culture. In other words, when you recruit your talent, think about the team, not just the person. Make sure it is collaborative and ready to share success.

Know What You Are Paying For

Keep an eye on the salaries of other developers with equivalent skills. By having an initial budget, you will save time finding the right Web Developer you can afford. Also, remember that recruiting the perfect Web Developer is not just about money.

Developers are attracted by technological challenges and opportunities. Good people like to learn - though money is important. What they are lucky enough to do and learn is just as important.

Experience Vs Anticipation

Obviously, the experience is a prerequisite to any hiring of a Web Developer. But with the ever-changing technologies, most developers only have one or two years of experience in using specific software/language. What must complete this experience is the ability to anticipate the future. A progressive developer will know how to master new technologies (via networking and research) and explain how he learned all that.

When recruiting a developer, keep in mind what changes you plan for the next two years. You will be able to choose a candidate who will be able to evolve according to your expectations. Also, think about the trends in web development that will grow.

Is your Web Developer good at visual storytelling? How does he apprehend cinemagraph? In your interviews, always ask developers what resources they use to stay on top of trends. If he is not already an active learner, he will not be able to add value to your business in the long run.

Explore Their Portfolios

Although Web Developer candidate you receive for a developer job will not have a well-stocked portfolio, the majority will have one. Take time to study their previous work to see if their code is clean and if it matches what is on their resume.

If you are not comfortable with the code, you can hire someone on your team or network that will be able to do it. Also, take the time to browse their profiles on social networks. Today, professionals know that employers will google them. If your candidate is denigrating his former employer or behaving unprofessionally online, it is best to know in advance.

Have Them Take A Test

Few candidates like to pass tests but nowadays it's pretty commonplace. Before you offer a salary and many benefits to your talent, have them take a code test. It's important to see Web Developer working in situations, knowing how fast and how accurately he can code, and using the best methods.

If you do not have code tests, know that there are websites where you can get them. Note that it is better to choose a test that corresponds to the level you require from the Web Developer. Especially since CVs can be misleading. You must find a reliable way to assess your candidate's suitability before hiring him. 

However, do not ask them to create a real project (without paying them!). Asking for this kind of work is (very) scowled upon in the very inventive community. Therefore, be certain your very own test is brief and honest. If this is your own test, make sure it is a general job and not a new one, which might look like searching for a free code.

Good Web Developers likes solving issues and they are not going be deterred by demonstrating their skills through a test. Reviewing the result with the candidate will also allow you to see if it is open, how it welcomes critics and if it is able to learn.

In general, developers are in contact with other developers to learn new skills. If your Web Developer has a good network, he can help you build a team. If you plan to recruit more creative people in 2018, it makes sense to look for connected professionals.

Finally, a Web Developer plays a very specific role in your business. It is therefore logical that his hiring requires special attention. With these tips, you will be able to assess the capabilities of your candidate to select the one that best suits your needs and that will fit your business perfectly.

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