Vinyl Flooring Singapore

Vinyl Flooring Singapore are many of the various floor types that can be used when you are constructing a house. One type that has gained wide adaption by homeowners is the Neutex Vinyl Flooring.

People seek to promote well-being in their homes by creating an interior design that reflects their lifestyle and healthier living spaces. The new generation of Vinyl Flooring Singapore takes a new approach by combining design and innovation to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's consumers. Vinyl flooring has become commonplace in public places and homes in Singapore and even around the world because of its many aesthetic and technical qualities.

Discover the ingenuity and creativity that the industry has shown in developing floor coverings to meet the changing lifestyle of consumers.

The Origins Of A New Vinyl Flooring Singapore

Vinyl began to be experimented in the 1930s, on the occasion of its first presentation to the public, during the exhibition Century of Progress" organized in 1933 in Chicago (United States). During the war, due to supply difficulties for some raw materials, research focused on the use of vinyl as a substitute for rubber. Industrial uses of vinyl began to multiply after the Second World War. The first vinyl flooring was introduced in 1947 in Sweden.

Vinyl Flooring Singapore More Environmentally Faster For A Healthier Interior

Currently, consumers are increasingly interested in the role of quality materials, design and decoration in creating a comfortable home. You will find the new generation of vinyl floors to help improve the home environment.These new phthalate-free Vinyl Flooring Singapore products aims to improve the quality of the indoor environment. Vinyl Flooring Singapore is practical and hygienic.

All Vinyl Flooring Singapore products now benefit from a polyurethane surface treatment that makes them extremely durable and easy to maintain with a simple vacuum cleaner or broom and a minimum of water and detergent. If you want an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, eco-friendly and well-being flooring, opt for these new generation Vinyl Flooring Singapore.

With the wide range of Vinyl Flooring Singapore, it is easy to find the ideal solution. As you try to determine the function and style of each room in your home, we explain a few places in your home in which Vinyl Flooring Singapore fits well:

  • The living room
  • The bathroom
  • Kitchens and entrances
  • Children's room and even more

The Living Room: An Aesthetic And Functional Floor

This is the heart of your home where everyone passes and goes back: the family member, friends or pets. To share or to relax, this room must be a place of rest and conviviality, which resists everyday life and keeps its aesthetic over time.

The Bathroom: A Water-Resistant Floor

Whether you like fast showers or prefer to laze in your bath, your bathroom must be fresh using the Vinyl Flooring Singapore, clean and pleasant. It is a water resistant floor that is often stain resistant, easy to maintain and comfortable underfoot.

Kitchens And Entrances: Vinyl Flooring Singapore A Highly Resistant Floor To Use Here

The kitchens have become a place that focuses a lot of activities, where creativity reigns and cleanliness is paramount. Like entrances and corridors, these spaces must withstand the wear of footsteps and the impact of falling objects, with surfaces that make it easy to clean water splashes and stains.

Children's Room: Vinyl Flooring Singapore Is A Floor Resistant And Easy To Maintain

The floors in children's rooms should be bright, colorful and practical. Comfort is the first criterion especially when children walk on all fours and play on the ground. Surfaces must also resist pen marks or those left by toys! An easy-to-clean floor at the end of the day makes for a good night's sleep and clean floor conditions for playing the next day.

Hear from folks that have employed the Vinyl Flooring Singapore in this interview

Benjamin And Sheehan-Grandparents

Benjamin and Sheehan are grandparents fulfilled with their eight grandchildren. But when the tribe arrives every summer in the country house, in Queenstown, the moves and to maintain the old tiles have become a real ordeal

What Motivated You To Change To Vinyl Flooring Singapore?

We had to transform our old house for the new generation. Make it more practical maintenance, especially when the summer brings us in number, and that the house is punctuated by a ballet coming and going at any time of the day. Wet feet, spilled glasses, broken plates: old tiles have seen all the colors and it was urgent to replace it.

So What Made You Decide To Finally Choose This Vinyl Flooring Singapore?

It was our children who pushed us to dig the vinyl trail. I admit that we were not motivated, that evoked for us the old linoleum of our grandmothers. We were impressed with the rendering, the variety of choice and the quality of the product. We opted for a veined oak aspect flooring whose imitation with a parquet floor is to be deceived. In two days it was sitting, and what economy!

Did Your New Vinyl Floor Meet All Your Expectations?

On the aesthetic side, this new Vinyl Flooring Singapore fits perfectly with our rustic furniture. The light oak hue that we have adopted has even awakened and highlighted! Side charm, we did not lose the change: our home has kept all its style with vinyl flooring.

Amelia, 25 Years Old

Her first job in hand, Amelia, 25, moved to Downtown Core in a three-room apartment with two other girls in collocation. The apartment is a bit dated, but no question of doing major work, just a little bit of freshness will give it a little more heat.

What Should Be Changed First?

In the kitchen, it was a horror! Dirty walls, tacky cupboards, old, worn, stained and damaged tiles, Impossible to receive our friends here!

Why Did You Choose A Vinyl Flooring Singapore?

We did not have a big budget and we needed an easy-to-install floor, which does not fear moisture or stains. As we are not the DIY aces, with Vinyl Flooring Singapore, no need to remove the tiles! The joints were filled and glued on top of vinyl in a flashy rose roll. And with a magic wand, the kitchen has changed its look. This gave it immediately a fun side. It was enough to add design stools, some colorful kitchen accessories, stickers stuck on the doors to bring gaiety.

And The Result?

It's day and night! The kitchen is our showcase, the trend piece, a place of exchange. It gives the image of a trendy apartment, vitamin that all friends want to squat!


Vinyl has conquered the world of interior design since the 1960s and has become one of the most popular types of flooring. The Vinyl Flooring Singapore Frequently used, its low cost, as well as the wide choice of styles (wood effects, tiles, stone or even beautiful graphic effects), appealed to consumers as well as professionals. Simply put, Vinyl Flooring Singapore installation and maintenance take a short time, making it practical flooring that perfectly matches the hectic pace of our modern lives!

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