Street Directory Singapore

Internet directories such as Street Directory Singapore are nowadays the most widespread and used version because they are much easier to use and therefore faster. The Street Directory Singapore on the Internet offers a multitude of services. They allow search by name, postal address, phone number, company activity or keywords, but also the map and route display.

Some of the Street Directory Singapore Services are;

  • Streetdirectory App
  • Singapore Maps
  • Business Directory
  • Directions

This Street Directory tool is defined as being a platform with a variety of services, by which choosing the right section according to its theme will give you exactly what you are in need of.

After giving the web Street Directory Singapore definition, we must know that it comes in two kinds:

General Directory

Web directory supporting all directories inclined in various sections as long as it verifies the conditions defined by the owner of this directory. Thus, we find a certain logical classification of directories listed according to the theme or geographical area,

Particularity Quality Street Directory Singapore

Given the regular changes brought by Google web analysts with the launch of new algorithms, rules qualifying a quality directory also change but overall, you must have the right searches phrase:

Any web directory even the Street Directory Singapore requires a strategic keywords; the description must be drafted carefully and without duplication,

Furthermore, every web directory, together with Street Directory Singapore is among the pillars to be considered by everyone now for a regional guide. And also, users must engage directory for the natural searches of a website.

The Difference Between Directory And Database

A directory is a specific type of database, that is, it is a kind of database with particular characteristics:

A Street Directory Singapore is planned to be more solicited in reading than in writing. This means that a Street directory is designed to be more often accessed than updated.

The Street Directory Singapore data is stored hierarchically in the directory, while so-called relational databases store the records in a tabular fashion.

Directories such as the Street Directory Singapore must be compact and based on a thin network protocol.

A directory, for instance, must include mechanisms to easily search for information and organize results

The directories must be able to be distributed. This means that a directory server must have mechanisms to cooperate, that is, to extend the search to third-party servers if no records are found.

A Street Directory Singapore must be able to manage the authentication of the users as well as the rights of these for the consultation or the modification of data

Thus, the Street Directory Singapore is generally an application based on a database to store records, but especially a set of services to easily find records using simple queries. A database is not necessarily a directory.

Need For Standardization

Thus a Street Directory Singapore is a server fulfilling the conditions described above, but the implementation may be totally different from one server to another, which is why it was necessary to define a standardized interface to access in a standard way to the various services of the Street Directory Singapore. This is the role of the Street Directory Singapore, whose role is only to provide a single (open standard) way to query a directory.

Distributed Directories

Given the large number of records a Street Directory Singapore may contain, it is sometimes inconceivable to create a centralized directory containing the information of hundreds of thousands of people. This is why directory servers must be able to communicate with each other to share information.

This is, for example, the case for large companies requiring a Street Directory Singapore that can be queried about the addresses of people from different subsidiaries located in geographically remote regions

Street Directory Singapore servers have the ability to replicate, that is to say, to offer functions to import and export records (it is said to generally synchronize) with other directories. This is called replication or synchronization.


In Singapore, for almost a decade now, the new regional guide Local Guide published by local directories. With nearly 100 regional editions, this Street Directory Singapore replaces all other directories. Which list the phone numbers and addresses of companies and individuals? In addition, it offers an editorial section with information on the region.

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