SFA License Singapore

Getting a Singapore Food Agency License aka SFA License is necessary and you need a license in order to operate the business.

How to get a Food Shop License by Singapore Food Agency?

To establish and run a food retail shop, it is a must that you have a license. It is a requirement and there is no other way about it. Each application is assessed and the application must fulfill all the required conditions in order to be granted. Your license will be verified upon the pre- licensing of your premises.After it is complete and all the necessary equipment are installed you can get the license.

Submission of relevant approvals plus the supporting documents.

  • The very first thing you need to do is get an approval from the land agency for example HDB or URA.
  • Get the tenancy agreement.
  • The following should be the details of the applicant;
  1. Individual. Should be the both sides of NRCIC.
  2. Company. The information about the business profile. It should be from the ACRA ( accounting and corporation regulatory authority)
  • Society. A certificate of registration from the registrar of the Society.
  • You should get a certificate of foodhandlers for your basic food hygiene.
  • Get food officer certificates if you are planning to start a canteen, foodcourt, restaurant or a food caterer.
  • The cleaning program.
  • Lay out the plans of your premises using scaled metric units.
  • If the application is not done by director of the company or the person intended, a letter of authorization is required.
  • You should get a pest control contract that covers the control of all rodents, flies and cockroaches during the licensing period which is usually one year. The contract allows an inspection of this pests for at least once a month and it could be more.
  • A supplementary information form that covers the name of your business, type of food that you offer, the operating hours among other things should be covered in this form.
  • A food safety management plan is required. The plan should identify the critical control points.
  • Photos that shows the inside and the outside of the catering car are also required.
  • The log card of the catering car or the tenancy agreement for a rental catering vehicle is also a necessity.
  • Finally the cleaning program of the catering car is also needed.

How long does it take for the application to be processed?

The time that your license will take to be processed is not constant. It can be weeks and sometimes it can take months. The time that you take to renovate your premises is usually what determines the time your application will take to be processed. If you take less time, then the license can be processed within a few weeks but if your premises takes longer to meet the required conditions, then it will take you months to get your license processed.

If your plan is to take over an existing outlet, the previous licensee will have to cancel his license before you can be issued with the new license. If not it will cause a delay of more than 2 weeks as SFA will have to write to the existing licensee to make sure if the license should be cancelled or not.

Key milestones that are followed.

  • You will get a response about your license application within the first five days.
  • If the application is not complete and it does not have basic details of your application and the layout of the premises, you will be notified to add that information and resend within a period of two weeks. After the information is furnished, you will be notified of any other conditions that you should comply with in order for your application to be successful.
  • After you get the conditions you should comply with, you may go ahead and start the renovations as stipulated in the lay out plan submitted in the application.
  • When you are comfortable that you have met all the conditions necessary, arrange a meeting with the licensing officer to conduct an inspection on the site and verify whether you have complied or not.
  • If you have complied with everything, you will be issued with an approval letter within 5 days after the inspection. The letter will also serve as notification for you to make payment of the license. After you have made the payment, then you can go ahead and start the operation of your business.
  • You will be issued with your food shop license within 7 days after you have made your license payment.

Can you hold a SFA food shop license if you have foreign employees?

It is only company entities that have this permission. If you are opening a food shop or a canteen, you cannot employ workers from other countries. Companies are however allowed to employ foreign workers in accordance with the MOM policy. For you to be allowed to employ workers from other countries you will have to register your food shop license in the name of a company.

How much does the food shop license cost?

A license that is valid for one year and covers entertainment outlets such as night club, pub, bar and discotheque will cost you around 195 dollars. The services are accessible online and you can visit the official page at any time of the day or night.

Before April 2019, the food security and safety was being overseen by the AVA but the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) was formed for the purposes of solely overseeing food security and safety.

The AVA was transferred to the national parks board under the ministry of national development. The SFA deals with global food supply challenges that are usually caused climate changes. The SFA works closely with research partners to make sure they provide some ideas on how to deal with some challenges. The food safety under this organization is improved as compared to before.

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