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The Government Directory Singapore is a Website Directory that connect members of the public and the public service. It includes a listing of ministries, statutory boards, organs of state and public services. The directories such as the Government Directory Singapore are lists of directories organized by human being reviewers, while search engine lists are assembled by just automated methods and have no navigable makeup. a large amount of the perplexity trunks from the different hybrid models that have evolved over time as search engines have incorporated directory capabilities to address issues such as categorization and location quality.

Historical Reference

The Government Directory Singapore is more than just a daily practical use tool; it is also a historical reference document that describes in a peculiar way the social and economic development of a country. A few years ago, it was proposed that the country once again have a Government Directory Singapore, absent for some years, and it reappeared as a useful informative tool for business management and daily life.

The annual and distribution of this Government Directory Singapore to each subscriber, makes the information published in it reach the most distant corner of the national geography, and this distinguishes it from any other printed media, making it indispensable in the commercial activity of people and businesses.

Government Directory Singapore With The Corresponding Amendment

Both the white pages and the popular yellow pages are an essential complement to the use of the telephone and an important instrument in accordance with the growing information needs, hence improving the quality and accuracy of their databases is a wish of their editors.

However, without the collaboration of the entities that provide services and that are the most sought by readers, this would be impossible, because if they reorganize their departments or swap their facilities and are not responsible for notifying the board of its corresponding amendment, the databases will be maintained without updating and the use of the published information will be ineffective.

This is a task that we can only achieve the awareness of the entities that advertise their phones or whatever in the Government Directory Singapore. The editors and the readers would appreciate it, and the entities themselves would obtain an invaluable benefit.

If a directory server, such as for example, the Government Directory server or Active Directory that uses user management, you can use the server to search for a destination (e-mail address or fax number). Use SSL to encrypt communication with the server to increase security during transmissions.

Synchronize The Date For Effectiveness

If you want to use the Government Directory Singapore server to search for a destination, set up the appropriate settings according to the procedure described in the govt directory.

To use the Government Directory Singapore feature of the Active Directory server, you must register the DNS server that synchronizes Active Directory on this system before starting the operation. For details about registering the DNS server, you want to check the directory well.

To use the feature of the Government Directory Singapore server, you must synchronize the date and time between this system and Directory. Again, you need to check the details well, and it’s simple to navigate.

Government Directory Singapore Advantages

There are advantages and disadvantages of using a directory as opposed to a search engine. A vehicle might be healthier well-matched to some types of search than some other. These directories focus on merely linking to the homepages of the site and trying to actually minimize deep links.

This makes the well-known directories a lot more helpful for discovery sites as an alternative of individual pages. And again, lot of directories, for instance, Government Directory Singapore try to crack this problem by working with a search engine in a great way to get additional lists.

Problems And Solutions

In the case of large databases, directories, on the one hand, run the risk of referencing websites that no longer exist. On the other hand, with large volumes of data, the retrievability of relevant suffers. To prevent these shortcomings, modern directories akin to the Government Directory Singapore are equipped with various manual and automatic mechanisms, such as

  • Manual rating systems
  • Automatic rating systems
  • Robots (Webbots) for checking and possibly removing dead links
  • Evaluation of the click behavior of the users

Many previously free directories are now chargeable at a cost of often several hundred euros a year, which raises the question of the relationship between costs and benefits for users of the services.

For users who are looking for information, many commercial directories are now less suitable because their databases are much too small to enable a targeted search.

The original meaning and purpose, the scientific cataloging of the directory, has been lost sight of in these catalogs. Instead, a variety of small directories have been created, which serve only for search engine optimization or commercial purposes.

Government Directory Singapore Is Well-Known

Government Directory Singapore Open Directory Project

Hierarchically organized by voluntary international editors (includes about four million links, data is open content). Many languages are covered.

Government Directory Singapore is hierarchically structured catalog with an international orientation. Special features are the regional directories and special topic directories. Entries are partially charged.

Extensive catalog

It describes a lot of internet addresses. The entries are sorted into categories. If appropriate, most are provided with local references, so that a local search is possible. In addition to the paid premium entries, there is also a free entry.


Government Directory Singapore editorially edited catalog for Singapore with many entries, which are divided into s few categories. Commercial trans-regional entries are associated with one-off costs, Government Directory Singapore as a directory and transformed into an internet portal.

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