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SG Funeral Service is Funeral Service Singapore providing all in one funeral services including funeral arrangements, casket services , funeral video services, post funeral matters. We assist bereavement families during their most difficult times in providing their loved ones the most dignified send off.

A Funeral Services Singapore is a contract to carry out funeral arrangements when someone dies. This includes the coffin, transportation, embalming, flowers, vigil, a religious act, and other expenses. There are family and individual funeral packages available for all budgets. Unfortunately, most people do not prepay these services and go at the last minute collecting money for the funerals of their loved ones.

That is why we always recommend our clients a Funeral Insurance. The payments are very accessible and offer you the flexibility to use it at any funeral home, and cemetery anywhere in the world.

Funeral Services Singapore With Burial

A Funeral Services Singapore with burial is a bit expensive because not only must the funerary service package be paid at the funeral home, but also the cemetery property and all burial services. These include Opening and closing the tomb, protection chest for the coffin, tombstone, installation of the tombstone, and seal of the tomb. Certain cemeteries also charge a maintenance fee to ensure that your grave space is clean and presentable.

Charges Of A Funeral

The Funeral Rule allows Funeral Services Singapore providers to charge a fee for the basic services that clients must pay. This charge for basic services includes those services common to all funerals, regardless of specific arrangements.

These services include the planning of the funeral, the processing of the permits and the copies of the necessary death certificates, the preparation of funeral notices, the reception and safekeeping of the remains, and the coordination of the preparations with the cemetery, crematorium or other third parties. The charge does not include the cost of optional services or merchandise.

Charges for other services and merchandise include the costs of optional items and services such as transportation, embalming and other preparation of the remains; use of a funeral parlor for the wake, ceremony or memorial service; use of equipment and personnel for a service in the grave; use of a carriage or limousine; a coffin, an outer container for burial or alternative container.

Some Funeral Services Singapore Providers Only Charge Items And Services

Advance payments for items and services provided by third parties are the fees charged by the funeral home for those goods and services you purchase from third parties on your behalf, including flowers, funeral announcements, gravediggers, religious services, organists, and singers. Some funeral providers only charge you the cost of the items and services they buy on your behalf. Others add a charge or commission to the cost price.

The Funeral Rule establishes that funeral homes that apply an additional charge must declare it in writing. However, they are not required to specify the amount of the surcharge. The Rule also provides that funeral providers must inform if the third party offers refunds, discounts or rebates.

How To Calculate The Real Cost Of A Funeral

The funeral home must provide you with a detailed document of the total cost of the funeral items and services that you have selected at the time of making the preparations. If at that time the funeral service provider does not know the cost of the items and services provided by third parties paid in advance, you must provide a good as well as affordable estimation.

In this very document, you must also establish all legal requirements or requirements of the cemetery or crematorium with respect to any service or item that you have to buy compulsorily. Our nation Funeral regulation does not actually require some precise format to declare this information. The funeral companies can truly include the info in the doc that they deliver to you at the very end of the discussion about the planned arrangements for the funeral.


 For A Complete Traditional Funeral Services Singapore:

The coffin is usually the single most expensive item you will buy when you plan a complete traditional funeral service. Coffins vary widely in style and price and are sold primarily based on their visual appearance. Generally, they are constructed of metal, wood, vulcanized fiber, fiberglass or plastic. Although the average price of a coffin is just over $ 2,000, there are some mahoganies, bronze or copper coffins that can cost up to $ 10,000.

The Funeral Rule states that when you visit a funeral home or sales room to buy a coffin, before showing you the proper caskets, the Funeral Services Singapore director must first show you a list of coffins for sale that includes the descriptions and prices. The studies carried out in the funeral industry show that on average, the buyers of coffins choose one of the first three models exhibited, in general, the intermediate price.

Therefore, it is most convenient for the seller to start by showing him the most expensive models. If you do not see some of the lowest priced models on the price list on display, ask them to show it to you - do not be surprised if they are displayed in a less visible place or are not on display.

You Can Send A Coffin To The Funeral Home

Traditionally, coffins were sold only in funeral homes. But nowadays, there are more and more sales rooms and internet sites operated by third merchants that sell coffins. You can buy a coffin from one of these dealers and ask them to send it directly to the funeral home. The Funeral Rule states that funeral homes must accept a coffin that you buy elsewhere and are not allowed to charge a fee for its use.

Whichever place or time you buy the coffin, it is vital to always remember that coffin purpose would be to offer a decorous means to transport the body just before the burial or perhaps cremation. No any casket or maybe coffin, beyond its very own qualities or perhaps its cost, is going to preserve the dead body eternally. In general, metal coffins are depicted as sealed or protective coffins.

These terms are used to indicate that they are coffins with sealed seals or rubber seals, or that they have some other feature that serves to delay water penetration and prevent corrosion. The Funeral Rule forbids to state that this type of special characteristics serve to improve the preservation of the remains indefinitely - because it is not so. These items only increase the cost of the coffin.


Every company providing Funeral Services Singapore must be fully in order before the different agencies that govern this activity; In addition to having decent facilities and the ability to resolve your situation at any time you have to make your service effective and not present a setback.

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