False Ceiling Singapore

False Ceiling or drop-down ceilings have become a must for the energy preservation and beautification of the houses and offices. These are the ceilings that are installed below the original ceilings.

False Ceiling are mostly used for the beautification purposes of old buildings for the maintenance of which a fortune is needed. The false ceiling is the most cost effective way to change the look of the rooms. There are different types of false ceiling tiles available in the market that you can choose according to your budget, choice and the interior of the room.

The False Ceiling is called by many other names like dropped ceiling, T-bar ceiling,grid ceiling,suspended ceiling, drop-in ceiling, drop-out ceiling and ceiling tiles.

The Need Of False Ceiling In Singapore

Singapore is a country where there is a beautiful combination of modern architecture and old buildings and the false ceiling is equally popular in both types of buildings. In modern architecture the false ceiling is used to enhance the beauty of a place and make it energy efficient. It is a fact that a small place needs few lights to brighten it up and on the other hand huge rooms need a lot of lights to reach the level of brightness required to work efficiently. In fact, for the best use of natural light the use of false ceiling is the best option.

Aesthetic Use Of False Ceilings in Singapore

If you look at the history of construction you will notice that the false ceiling was first used to hide the structure of the building. Even the most beautiful buildings tend to lose their beauty if they have revealed electric fittings and water pipes. To conceal these things the false ceilings are the best option. It is the secondary type of ceiling that is installed at level that is much lower than the original ceiling. The high roof buildings are very hard to maintain and seepage marks in the ceilings rendered the places ugly to live in. The labor charged a lot of money for the repair of the False Ceiling so people started using false ceiling to cover the unwanted marks and make a place look more modern and aesthetically well maintained.

Acoustic Purpose Of False Ceiling

One more thing that can increase your knowledge about the false ceilings Singapore is the acoustic purpose. Every noise that is made tends to echo in the places that are huge and especially in the high roof buildings. This has a negative impact on the minds of the inhabitants. And the places that are totally sound proof are also not good for human health. Right from the introduction of false ceilings they have been used to restrict the echo of sounds in the places with high roofs.

Environmental Benefits Of False Ceiling

Among several other benefits of using the False Ceiling there is one that is directly linked with the health of the inhabitants of the building. The modern companies making the tiles used for the purpose of installation as the false ceiling are made with earth friendly materials and many of them are waterproof and prevent the rooms from any seepage or leaks. There are many materials that have the ability to reflect the lights illuminating the rooms with fewer lights than used for big rooms. The false ceilings are now available in different materials that the customer can choose according to his needs. The environmental benefits of False Ceiling include the prevention from fungus that is a common problem in construction where no false ceiling is used.

Types Of False Ceiling

In the beginning the false ceilings were manufactured in two main materials, one was the gypsum false ceilings and the other was plasterboard false ceilings. With passage of time new technologies came into use after which the false ceilings have been manufactured in a variety of materials that you can choose according to your need. The following is a brief introduction of some of the materials used and the benefits they provide in making of False Ceiling.

Gypsum False Ceilings

Hydrated calcium sulfate is used to make the gypsum boards to be used as false ceilings. It is one of the early materials introduced for false ceiling because of its flexible nature; it is a soft material that is not only fire resistant it is also sound insulator.

Pros of Gypsum False Ceiling

  • It is flexible enough to provide the designer to shape it according to his requirements. It is mostly used to make pelmets, curved and stepped shapes.
  • If used with fiber glass it makes an efficient insulator.
  • The gypsum boards excrete water in case there is a fire and helps get rid of it.

Cons of Gypsum False Ceiling

  • It is not suitable for damp areas like kitchen and bathrooms.
  • It is not recyclable
  • It cannot be molded.

Plaster Of Paris Ceiling

Plaster of Paris is another popular material used in the making of false ceilings. it is derived from heating gypsum to a certain point. It has been popular among the users for decades now and the reason behind it is the properties that it has. It has the following properties that make it the best choice whenever there is a plan of installing false ceilings.

Pros Of Plaster Of Paris

  • It is easy to mold and provides you with smooth finish.
  • The surface can be painted to the color of your choice to add beauty to the surroundings.
  • The designer has the liberty to mold it according to his requirements.
  • It is easy to construct.

Cons Of Plaster Of Paris

  • The False Ceiling made with plaster of Parishas more tendencies to crack.
  • The working site gets messy.

Wooden False Ceiling

One of the finest false ceilings ever used in the construction business is that of the wooden tiles. In the modern era of today the wooden false ceilings are very much in Fashion and there are many reasons behind this popularity of wooden False ceilings.

Pros of Wooden False Ceilings

  • The look beautiful and attractive
  • They are much stronger than other materials
  • The last a lifetime.

Cons of Wooden False Ceiling

  • The need a lot of maintenance
  • They can be attacked by termite
  • They are very expensive.

There are many other materials that are now being used as false ceilings they include metals, for damp areas and PVC for durability.



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