Directory is a type of system that is distinguished by categories and thematic subcategories. There are a lot of things to consider when you want to search a direction or business on Directory. From using it to know many things about the Singapore, it’s specifically designed for people to find the Consumer’s Company they desired and everything they like to know in the region.

Other companies decide to choose the path of social networks and direct interaction with potential customers, which can have a very large impact, but it requires time and a considerable investment to be able to understand the specific markets and the interrelation in this type of media, as well as other alternatives available in the market.

One option that has gained great strength thanks to its versatility and ease of use is to register local businesses in Directory in which business owners can have an online presence without having to spend time or money to create a page. In addition to involving a monetary expense, having a website specifically for a small company often represents the technological gap for which there is no time or interest in crossing.

One of the biggest Directory advantages is that it is relatively simple to use and you can include business data as well as photographs.


  • Directory usually has certain policies to accept sites: certain categories, languages, content, etc.
  • In general, these Directories are free, but there are also payments, exchange, etc.
  • Each directory has its specific subjects or categories. To categorize a website essentially the main contents are taken into account.
  • Directory takes a hierarchical classification system that goes from the most general to the most specific matters.
  • Their databases are smaller than that of a search engine; however, they are more specialized.
  • It has a group of expert editors, volunteers or designated for this task, in charge of identifying the sources and categorizing the websites. These processes, unlike search engines, are manual.

Types Of Directories

Advantages of Directory

Digital Presence

Through a Directory, you can have a digital presence, regardless of whether you have a website, a blog or a product sale online. In a web directory, you can highlight the description of the company or the service offered, also the name of the business, the logo, the address and the telephone number.

Immediate Update

Always prefer those web directories such as the Directory in which you are allowed to access the control panel to make any changes to the advertisement. In this way the update of your ad depends only on you, from there you cannot only update information, but also include promotions, change photos, among many other things that depend on the selected web directory and the plan you have acquired.

Directory Facilitates Navigation

There are thousands of companies around the nation offering the same stuff that you offer, but surely there are not so many in your city or do not have a digital presence. The advantage of being in a Directory is that you can be located by your real clients, those who need it in your city. Even in many directories, you can add the Google map to facilitate the location.

Carry Out Less Expensive Marketing

Many web directories offer premium advertising and marketing services, these plans are usually less expensive and more professional than taking care of advertising and marketing on your own. Some services they can offer are a priority in search results, banners featured on the cover, comments area, allow links to videos on YouTube, make publicity on blogs, among many other services.

Directory Can Create Links To Websites

In case your company has a website or a digital portfolio, being in a Directory allows you to have a link to your page or social networks; which expands the possibility of finding more customers while improving their online positioning.

Include Branches In An Organized Manner

If your company has branches in different cities, it is very advantageous to use a Directory; since the specifications of each branch will appear ordered by region. This is very useful information for your customers.

Contact Form

In Directory and depending on the type of plan selected, they allow you to create a contact form. This way all the visits that you have in your profile of the digital directory can become a very valuable client. When your visitors agree to fill out the form you can see their queries and requirements in their webmail. This way you have access to your data to send future promotions and information that may be of interest to your client.

More Information For The Creation Of Your Products And Services

A Directory is an open medium for people in Singapore as well as from anywhere in the world to ask questions and comments via email or phone about your product or service. Each interaction with these clients is an opportunity to shape their products and services to the real needs of their target audience.


Directory can be general or regional but always organized into categories and subcategories. The regional web directories bring together a group of companies, businesses, and services that are very focused on a territory that is very useful locally.