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How much does it cost to Create A Website? Who builds this website for me? At best, I can do it myself. However, many rely on outside help. Once you look around the net, you'll soon realize that there is an endless supply of web designers and web developers. In addition to newcomers and lateral entrants, established smaller and larger agencies are of course also on the open market and everyone has their price. The price ranges from a few hundreds to a few thousands. That raises the question:

  • How much does a website cost?
  • Or rather, what may it cost to Create A Website?

A flat-rate answer does not exist. It depends on. What factors depend on which price range is realistic for your first website, you will find out now. The cost to Create A Website is based on many different criteria. It is therefore difficult, if not impossible, for web designers to publish a fixed offer price. Sometimes you can find information about the hourly rate. Much more often, however, a simple form through which you can contact the provider and ask for a suitable offer.

Even more advanced are those who have integrated a calculator on their website. While it helps the provider to estimate the cost to Create A Website and maintaining your website, it also gives you instant insight into what's important.

The following questions and your answers to them, among many other factors, affect the cost of your website:


  • How big is your company or your desired website? (Company website, online shop, blog, landing page, web portal, etc.)
  • What is the size of the company you want to Create A Website for? (Freelancer, small/large agency, etc.)
  • Do you want the standard solution or rather an individual solution?


  • Who is your main target group?
  • Which goal do you pursue with your Internet appearance (inform, sell, advise, etc.)?
  • What functions does the website Singapore have to fulfill according to the objective?

Technical Basis

  • Which technical basis do you want? (CMS, e-shop, blog, etc.)
  • Do shops need to be transacted through your website? If so, what kind?
  • Do you want to communicate through your website? If yes how?


  • What scope should you Create A Website for? (Hierarchies, subpages)
  • How many websites should be created professionally? How many are you creating?
  • Is your website multilingual (or country specific)?

Web Design

  • Who creates the website design? Do you already have a design template?
  • If not, how is the website designed? Simple or tailor-made?
  • How is the website content created?
  • Which content is available or provided?
  • Static or interactive/dynamic?


  • Standard solution or individual solution
  • What number of visitors do you expect to Create A Website for?
  • Price or quality? What is more important to you?
  • Should your website also be optimized for mobile devices?
  • How should the maintenance of the website be regulated? (Not at all, according to the effort, separate contract, etc.)
  • Do you have special requirements for the hosting of your website? (particularly powerful data line, many e-mail accounts, own server infrastructure, etc.)


  • Do you want your website Singapore to be marketed or do you take it on yourself?
  • To what extent should your website be marketed?
  • Which measures in the area of search engine marketing should be taken?
  • E-mail campaigns, banner advertising, entries in online directories, online PR, etc. desired?

Any special requests? As you can see, there will be different costs and investments that can come to Create A Website and operation of your website.

Realistic Cost For Your First Website

Below I will make a few guesses to give you a realistic price range for your first website. For this, I use this calculator. There are many more calculators on the web that you can use alternatively to understand how to Create A Website.

You are self-employed on the net or you want to become it soon. For this, you need to Create A Website as your own. There you want to inform your visitors (company website/blog). The right design should be simple, but also no standard template that was previously used for hundreds of other jobs. However, you cannot provide a template. What's important is that it's responsive, so that even smart phone and tablet users can look at your website Singapore.

In the future, you want to be able to maintain all page content yourself via a CMS system (eg WordPress), which means that all pages are dynamic. In addition to the homepage and imprint you decide at the beginning of the following pages: About me/us, contact page and possibly products/services.

The Result:

The agency behind this calculator charges us to Create A Website following the amount of time:

  • Web Design 17 h
  • Setup on the web server 8 h
  • Creating the individual pages 24 h
  • Final tests 3 h
  • Total 52 h

Realistic price to Create A Website ranges can now be determined on the basis of different fee rates:

From$2000 from $5000. In this case, the costs are to be regarded as investments since they only occur for the development, but not for the ongoing care.

The saying who buys cheap buys twice may but does not have to apply. At some website designer services Singapore, you will probably also find web developers who will create your website for less than $2000. For your first attempts on the net, this may even be sufficient.

Basically, it always makes sense to get several offers from different providers to get a realistic price. Have a look around your area. Maybe you have good people on the spot. A direct and short communication can be an immense advantage. Always look at the references of past projects. This will give you a first impression to Create A Website out there.


Start small, acquire basic knowledge, and learn how to handle your chosen CMS system properly. Only if you know exactly in which direction you want to develop yourself and your business, you should think in my opinion, to hire a professional agency to Create A Website Here, however, you should also have a budget of $2000 to $5000 for a simple website.

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