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A Christian Funeral is a once in a lifetime event and it is our duty to plan and execute the funeral with the best of our capabilities. At Eternal Life Bereavement Services, we believe in personalising each and every funeral to meet the needs and expectations of different families.

Honor God

Christian Funerals are dignified, modest and honor God; everywhere you hear screams and cries. A group of people dressed in black is frantically thrown to the ground in pain. In Christian Funeral, some dance to the pulsating rhythm of the music, and still others eat and laugh outrageously. A few are lying on the floor, drunk on beer and palm wine. In some parts of the world, these are the typical characteristics of funerals in which hundreds of people gather to give the last goodbye to those who have passed away.

Traditionally, in Christian and in some area in Singapore, the route of reference went from the deceased's room to his home, through the church, and to the cemetery. This course was followed by a large number of people, as the one who has passed away mobilized them all.

The Way Christian Funeral Is Done

The Bible clearly states: The living are aware that they will die; but as for the dead, they are not aware of anything at all. Also, their love and their hatred and their jealousy have already perished, because there is no work or formation of projects or knowledge.

These verses of the Bible show that people who have died are totally unconscious. They cannot think, feel, communicate or understand anything at all. In view of this important biblical truth, how should Christian Funeral be carried out?

In some regions of the world, it is considered that the elders of the community and the extended family have the right to intervene in the burials. Therefore, the Christian must make it clear that the Christian Funeral will be organized and performed in accordance with biblical principles.

What happens at the Christian Funeral should not disturb the conscience of any Christian or trip up those who know what we believe and teach about the dead.

Today, in a secularized and urban Singapore, where death is no longer an event as in the past, the funerary paths have diversified, shortened and impoverished in symbolic and meaningful terms. They still remain the setting of the funeral ritual. This is why the  Christian Funeral chosen places and the respect of the order of the stages count for the fulfillment of the consoling effect of the rites.

Farewell To The Face

Whether at home, at the hospital or at the Christian Funeral parlor, the body vision stage is the first! Whether it takes the form of a watch (increasingly rare) or a simple lifting of the body, it is the occasion of an encounter between the living and the dead. Faced with the remains, the question of the meaning of existence is reasoning with particular force. It is therefore good to go there and take the children who wish.

In Christian Funeral, the prayer of the Church will be invited, while the eyes are turned towards the face of the deceased, to look further, towards Christ, present in each of us in suffering: Lord, we turn to you our gaze on time where the face dear to us disappears, to which the relatives are invited to respond by an act of faith: strengthen our hope of seeing him again with you forever and ever. "

The Christian Funeral Celebration At The Church

If the way to the parish, to attend the Sunday Mass, has largely lost many, they are many to find him for a funeral ceremony. It is indeed in the church, close to the home of the deceased that can organize an open meeting, to which all those who wish can associate themselves. Greeted by priests, deacons or lay people, families can freely engage and tell what has been the best of the deceased's life.

Thanks to this rereading of life, the celebration will be built around commented biblical texts, songs and symbolic gestures that recall the baptismal rite (rite of light, sprinkling coffin). More personal testimonies are also considered in connection with the celebrant.

The Catholic funeral liturgy celebrates the paschal mystery of Jesus' death. United to Christ, for life and for death, it is with him that Christians die. In him, death is no longer mortal but becomes a passage to life that does not end.

Principles Of The Bible Ought To Be Followed At Christian Funeral

Mature Christians perceive the need to avoid the extremes reached by people who do not know or want to know the principles of the Bible. Furthermore, they know that no anti-biblical tradition that encourages ostentation originates from the Father, but originates from the world.

We must be very careful not to infect ourselves with the spirit of competition of this world (Gal 5:26 ). As experience shows, in cultures where the fear of the dead is deeply ingrained, funerals tend to become large and difficult to supervise meetings, which soon get out of control. The desire to venerate the dead can inflame the minds of those present and encourage them to do things that the Bible condemns.

In Christian Funeral, People could start crying and screaming wildly, hugging the deceased, talking to him as if he were still alive and fixing money and other objects on his clothes. If this happened at a Christian Funeral, the name of Jehovah and the reputation of his people would be tarnished (1 Peter 1: 14-16)!

Christian Funeral Farewell To The Cemetery

The third stage of the ritual journey, the burial stage marks the definitive detachment of relatives from the remains of their deceased parent. A place is assigned to him, family burial or simple pit, whatever, the essential thing is to have a place of pilgrimage where the memory of the loved one remains alive.

Finally, by burial in Christian Funeral, the surrender to God of the deceased is accomplished and then the Church celebrates the permanence, beyond death, of the momentum taken by the deceased: Here we are with you as you enter into a new and stronger communion with us.

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