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Nothing in the world is more annoying not getting enough sleep due to the bed bugs biting you all night through. When one is deprived of a sound night’s sleep the quality of his life gets affected as a person who stays awake all night cannot concentrate on anything. Both personal and professional life of such people is at stake that cannot sleep properly.

A number of Cimex species feed on the blood of birds and animals. There are two different ectoparasites known as Cimex Hemipterus and Cimex Lectularius that feed on the blood of humans and are commonly known as Bed Bugs. The bed bugs are white to brown which turns to a bit reddish brown after being fed with blood. This enemy of yours can be seen with naked eyes but only to the close observer,it has six legs and small nonfunctional wings. They are more of a nuisance than a health issue. They are called bed bugs because they love hiding and staying in beds and mattresses.

Where Do The Bed Bugs Live?

The bed bugs are mostly found in the developing countries, they can be found easily in hostels, hotels and apartment buildings where there is a huge number of people coming in and going out each day. These naughty insects travel through the luggage, packaging material and bedding. Due to increased travelling the bed bugs are found in almost all parts of the world.

How To Kill Bed Bugs The Easy Way?

According to the scientific studies done about the household pests that we call bed bugs, they can be a cause of a severe sleeping disorder called insomnia and a number of psychological and allergic issues. So instead of living with the bed bugs you should try to get rid of them as soon as you can.

These cryptic insects are quite hard to get rid of as they love hiding in cervices and cracks that are not easily reachable. The insects cannot live in extreme temperatures and die quickly when they are kept in the temperature of -17⁰C. Though the extreme temperatures are one way to get rid of the bed bugs there are some other ways that could help you stay protected from bed bugs. The following are some of the ways that you can use to kill the most annoying tiny creature on earth we call the bed bugs.


One of the major CO2 products used to kill bed bugs available in the market is called Cryonite. The products works by freezing the fluid in the cells of the insect, that results in its instant death. The fluids in the body cells of the insect turn to crystals when the insect freezes to -20⁰C to -30⁰C.The snow form of CO2 evaporates and again turns into CO2 gas after being exposed to normal temperature.

One does not need any license to use the Cryonite. You can either rent it or purchase it according to your convenience.

There are pros and cons of every treatment that is used to kill the insects and pests. The following are some of the benefits that you get by using Cryonite for pest control.


  • It can easily freeze the pests at the most unreachable areas like cervices and cracks.
  • It is a rapid action method to kill bed bugs.
  • It kills all the insects regardless of the stage of life cycle it is in.
  • It does not need any drying time and does not leave behind any mess.
    It can be easily used on any type of surface as the cold does not penetrate any material.
  • The CO2 that Cryonite contains is non-toxic.
  • It makes the insects easily catchable by the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.
  • The infested materials that can handle moisture but cannot withstand extreme heat are best to be treated with Cryonite.
  • Use of deep freezer is just another do it yourself option.
  • It is the most time efficient way to kill the bed bugs.

Cons of Cryonite

  • The freezing method has no residual effect.
  • There is a possibility of the pests re-infesting again.
  • Warning: When using the Cryonite equipment it is better to read the instruction carefully.



One of the two major ways to get rid of bed bugs is the use of fumigation services. In the extreme cases where the population of bed bugs gets out of control the best option is that of fumigation. The gases used in this process stay in the air for a while and prove fatal for every single bed bug and other pests too. Once you get your place fumigated there is no chance of existence of any insect in your home. The gas that is used in the fumigation is known as Ethylene Oxide (ETO), it was even used for the fumigation of libraries in the past .It is known to cause serious health issues to the people who handled it. ETO can affect the chemical and physical properties of things made of paper or cardboard and even leather. Some of the chemicals used in certain types of fumigation are considered lethal; they includepropylene oxide,aluminum phosphide,methyl bromide, sulphur dioxide,and sulfuryle fluoride.

The need of fumigation is increasing day by day as the pests have been developing resistance against the pesticides used in houses.

The benefits that you get from fumigation include:-

  • Kills the bed bugs and other pests including mosquitos and flies at no matter at what stage of life cycle they are.
  • It can be easily used for a huge area, even the whole house.
  • It is the best option to get rid of severe infestation.


  • There is no residual effect of fumigation.
  • It is the most harmful type of pest control options.
  • After a certain period the pest can start re-infesting.
  • One of the main drawbacks of the fumigation is its price. It is the most expensive pest control method for which you have to rent special equipment and only the expert professionals can do it.

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